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When a talk became a roundtable…

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Last Saturday, I shared an event with my good hermanika (sister, in Ladino), Kathleen Alcalá, at Book Woman Bookstore in Austin. Before we began, there was time to browse the shelves and exhibits. The comfortable atmosphere and good vibes led me, as first speaker, to turn the chairs, set up in rows, into a circle so we could be a community. And early on, there was a contribution from a listener with a query on some aspect of Sephardic history. The replies came from others in the audience and Kathleen. We had broken from the formal pattern of a supposed “expert” speaker for 20-40 minutes with questions after, to a group of participants responding to each other. We were both speakers and seekers. If you live in or near Austin, visit Book Woman and catch the vibes; plus enjoy the breadth and scope of its offerings. Say hello to Susan, the owner, and Allison, who were most hospitable to us.


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